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More Nutrition More Clear Isolate 600g

More Nutrition More Clear Isolate 600g

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The taste

More Clear from More Nutrition

  • High protein content: 24g per shake (500 ml)
  • Alternative to the creamy protein shake
  • Fat, sugar and lactose free
  • In many delicious flavors
  • Ideal as a summer refreshment

The latest highlight from MORE Nutrition is here: MORE Clear! We'll be happy to explain to you what it is and why you'll love it. MORE Clear is a protein powder that, depending on the type, looks and tastes similar to a juice, iced tea or soda. Only better: Because instead of tons of sugar etc., this refreshing drink has no sugar at all. But with a good portion of protein: One shake (500 ml) has a whopping 24 g of protein and provides your body with valuable protein - perfect before, after and during training.

But that's not all: Thanks to a patented process, fat, lactose and unwanted flavors are removed during production. And the result is impressive: great taste, lots of protein, few calories and good tolerability. Because of its production, it is also suitable for those who have to or want to do without gluten and lactose.

So if you're looking for an alternative to the creamy protein shake, you can stop now: MORE Clear is simply ideal for meeting your daily protein needs even in hot temperatures - refreshing and simply delicious!

Ingredients Peach Passionfruit Ice Tea
Whey protein isolate, flavor, acidulant (citric acid), coloring foods (barley malt extract, beetroot powder), color (ß-carotene), sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides from stevia).

For one serving, simply mix 30 g of powder (1 level measuring spoon, included) with 500 ml of cold water. It's best to use a mixer or shaker for this. You can let your creativity run wild here and supplement the MORE Clear with other ingredients, such as fresh fruit, ice cubes or cold tea. Tip: For the best taste experience, you can put the whey protein drink in the freezer for 15 minutes after preparing it. But don't forget - otherwise you might end up with a protein water ice cream.
Consuming 1-3 servings per day is recommended. Also ideal as a protein-rich refreshing drink during training. Storage: Dry, closed and below 25°C. Protect from sunlight.

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