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IronMaxx Hellfire - 60 TriCaps Fat burner

IronMaxx Hellfire - 60 TriCaps Fat burner

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Fat burner capsules from IronMaxx®

Fire up your fat burning! With the Thermogenic Burn formula.

Fat burner capsules Hellfire® with natural ingredients and an effective effect on your fat burning. With the Thermogenetic Burn formula from IronMaxx® you give your fat fire! The formula's balanced combination of active ingredients includes green tea and ginger extract, guarana and pepper extract and contains no synthetic additives or alkaloids (e.g. ephedrine). This allows you to achieve several goals at the same time: burning fat and losing weight as well as increasing focus - the natural way! Ensure a perfect workout with the stimulating fire of the predominantly plant-based fat burner and declare war on your love handles!

Fat burner with effect

Fat burners, as the name suggests, are primarily used to burn fat. But how exactly does the fat burner effect work? And can a fat burner do even more? Fat burners, whether in pure form or in capsules, are taken to have an effect on the metabolism: the metabolism, also known as metabolism, should be “stimulated”. The flavonoids and tannins (tannins) contained in green tea increase calorie consumption by stimulating metabolism and also reduce fat storage in the liver. An ideal ingredient for our efficient fat burner. The pungent substances in the ginger and pepper concentrates have a similar effect on the metabolism: they stimulate the basal metabolic rate and therefore give further “fire” to fat burning.

L-tyrosine and niacin – more fat burner effect

The Hellfire® fat burner capsules ensure a slight increase in your metabolism, which you can sometimes feel physically through a slight feeling of warmth. Focus on your training goals is also encouraged. You're totally there! The combination with the natural amino acid L-tyrosine makes it possible. The L-Tyrosine contained in the Thermogenic Burn formula from IronMaxx® has been well researched and several studies by NASA and the US Army show a positive effect on the ability to react and concentrate. Stress is reduced and a “clear head” is promoted. Niacin, also known as B3 from the B vitamin complex, is central to the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and plays an important role in muscle regeneration. These and other natural fat burners are contained in a balanced composition in the effective and practical TRICAPS®. You can also find the other herbal ingredients and micronutrients in the capsules under ingredients. The Hellfire® capsules are fat burners with full effect for focus and fat burning: the next repetition is completed, the next kilometer is achieved... and the calories burn in hell!

The advantages at a glance:

Effective help in burning fat

Fat burner in fast-acting, practical TRICAPS®

Highly dosed herbal active ingredients

Increase in metabolism

Increasing training focus

Regeneration of muscle cells

Product features | Note for allergy sufferers

Aspartame-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, no yeast, no preservatives, no sweeteners, no added sugar. May contain traces of gluten, lactose, soy and egg protein.

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