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Genius Nutrition Warcry Pre Booster 400g

Genius Nutrition Warcry Pre Booster 400g

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The taste

Extreme hardcore workouts with the new Warcry® Pre Booster from Genius Nutrition.

First-class taste and great effect!

Now with a changed formula .

Product highlights of Warcry Training Booster:

400g can

  • Taurine (400 mg)
  • High dose caffeine (150 mg)
  • GLYCOPUMP® ultra-concentrated glycerol (1250 mg)
  • Extreme pump
  • delicious taste, good solubility

* The ingredients glycerin and citrulline have a moisture-binding property that can cause the powder to clump. Important: Clumping is NOT HARMFUL. Quality, durability and effect are not affected.

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