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Climaqx Power Belt - white camo

Climaqx Power Belt - white camo

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Want next level training? The new Climaqx Power Belt made of leather leaves nothing to be desired!

Thanks to its anatomical fit, it adapts ideally to the shape of your body, even during high loads and intensive training. The Climaqx® Power Belt was designed for extreme training: All components were developed and tested with IFBB Pro's to guarantee you maximum support.

Whether bench press, squats or other exercises: the compression of your intervertebral disc is significantly reduced and therefore the strain on the spine is reduced. By increasing the intra-abdominal pressure in the stomach when wearing the belt, the risk of injury is also reduced - you can rely on the Climaqx® Power Belt for maximum support during all exercises. Additional padding on the back of the belt makes it comfortable to wear.

The stainless steel buckle allows you to adjust the belt individually and in seconds, ideal especially if you're busy with supersets!

Product Information

  • Anatomical fit for maximum support
  • Significantly reduces the risk of injury
  • Quick adjustment with a stainless steel buckle
  • Additional padding on the back
  • Developed with IFBB professional athletes

What are the benefits of weightlifting belts?

Essentially, weightlifting belts have two advantages:
There is an increased potential for injury, particularly with heavy loads that are moved regularly. Deadlifts and squats, for example, put an enormous load on the spine. Weightlifting belts increase your intra-abdominal pressure by up to 40%, ensuring significantly more stability while reducing stress.
A clear feeling of security while doing your exercises is undisputed: weightlifting belts give you more stability, which allows you to continuously lift higher weights. Many IFBB professionals do not use weightlifting belts in any of their training to avoid injuries both during the off-season and in the competition season.

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