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Chemical Warfare The Bomb Booster 360g

Chemical Warfare The Bomb Booster 360g

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Newly coordinated ingredients bring more performance

The proportion of L-citrulline was increased to 38.8 g per 100 g and beta alanine was also adjusted to 19.4 g. Together with 13.8 g of betaine and 555 mg of the new patented active ingredient S7® (per 100 g), these ingredients ensure a powerful pump and extremely strong performance.

A promise from Chemical Warfare: The Bomb is highly stimulating. The training booster contains even more caffeine (2.22 g), 833 mg juniper berries, 277 mg Teacrine® and 555 mg of the new Infinergy® per 100 g. Convinced?

Otherwise: The Chemical Warfare The Bomb gives you absolutely sharp focus! In active ingredients this means 4.4 g Alpha GPC, 3.3 g N Acetyl L-Tyrosine, 555 mg Theobromine and 55 mg Huperzine A per 100 g. Concentrate fully on your workout and feel every repetition!

The Chemical Warfare The Bomb is rounded off with 277 mg Astragin®, 138 mg Narinjin and 55 mg black pepper extract per 100 g. These active ingredients ensure better nutrient absorption and increase the effect of the booster.
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